Saturday, September 15, 2018

Forza Horizon 4 Demo - Cautious Optimism

Just picked up the demo for the upcoming Forza Horizon 4.  So good...bearing in mind that this is a demo.  I'm rolling in a '69 Dodge Charger and from the initial impressions the handling seems much better than H3.  One of the major bones I've had to pick with the series is that the super-duper Hypercars seem wasted on the tiny roads they give you to play with.  FH2 gave a nice selection of Road Rockets and then stuck you on these twisty little European back roads.  FH3 kinda got it but kinda missed it in that the roads were a little straighter but just boring and crammed with traffic in single player.  With the quarter of map in the demo at least, there's a little more room to cut loose and maneuver (although the traffic still is a bit of a problem)

I like the handling too.  Again, this is a demo so the car they give you is tuned and modded by pros so obviously needs to be taken with a tiny grain of salt, but the drifts are nice and smooth and there's more all-around stability in cornering than in previous titles.

The graphics?  They're about on par with FH3 and that's okay with me.  Not only do I have low standards when it comes to graphics but I don't see obsessing over them in a racing game.  Gran Turismo Sport gets it right.  The GFX are all but last gen but the work went into making the cars go vroom so who cares? 

I'm looking forward to seeing the full game, so I guess the demo did it's job!

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