Friday, August 10, 2018

Fuck Mandatory Multiplayer

And now the Forza Horizon series has succumbed to the scourge of Mandatory Multiplayer.  Have Developers not noticed that other players are unbridled cock-monkeys when you set them loose online?  Does it not occur that maybe, just maybe, some people enjoy facing a challenge alone without extra subscription fees and online requirements even when technically offline?  Do we need more loot boxes or pay-to-win walls in-game?

 Evidently, we do.  And don't tell me that all the content will be available single-player.  Because it fucking well won't.  And you can bet that they'll be pestering you non-stop to go online and play with random douchebags who can't stop screeching epithets through their cheap gaming mikes.

We introverts let this happen.  When there wasn't enough of a backlash when Mass Effect 3 held the best endings hostage until you ground through a kinda lame MP campaign they knew they could push a little further.  

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