Friday, July 27, 2018

The Movie Of The Game (Part Two): Warcraft

On second thoughts is there really anything else to say about Warcraft the movie?  If you've seen one sword and sorcery movie then you've seen this one.  Sword and sandal might even fit the bill as well.  A charmingly rugged cast of plucky heroes with vaguely "European" accents.  and mostly white men save for a few blacks and women so the creators can earn the Diversity Achievement.  A swarthy pack of ruthless otherworldly villains, some of whom betray their cohorts because they want to find out about "this thing called humanity".  And there's a good guy who turns evil for reasons never adequately explained.

And with regards to the above...the movie just does not make sense if you haven't played the game.  Even being a rabid WoW fan I was lost.  And I'm sure even the die-hard fans of the TBC game felt left out as events and characters are mashed and split so that a long game can be squished into a two hour feature.

The Good:  Some good dialog.  Not deathless prose, but a few bit of witty exchanges and funny gags.  The VFX were...okay.  Kind of broad and cartoonish but it works in this kind of popcorn fantasy flick.

The Bad:  Game movies really shouldn't exist.  The games themselves are a far deeper narrative experience so a movie is superfluous.  If they absolutely must be made then, as I said previously, use the world that was built rather than trying to film an unavoidably interactive story.  Just a little originality might have made this film better.  It's a standard S&S film with Warcraft brand merchandise stretched and squeezed around it.

The Ugly:  I liked that they at least didn't' wallow in the "gritty" fad but they went to far the other way and just left things kind of bland.

Next up, some thoughts on the Cruel Dungeon genre! 

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