Saturday, July 7, 2018

No Politics Intended

Back in the far-off mists of time known as "The 80's", I remember seeing a disclaimer on certain games which went to the effect that, even if the game took place in a real-world setting, there wasn't a political agenda behind it.  Notably, most of these were from Electronic Arts, back when they were producing and publishing legendary PC games, rather than conducting business with all the grace and dignity of a New York City crack whore.

It's in that spirit that I want to conduct this blog (being apolitical, I mean, not being a crack whore - I couldn't compete with Gamespot, much less EA) because I am getting the vibe that more are people are sharing the outrage fatigue that I am.  I would like to create an oasis where I, the totally awesome writer and you, the intelligent reader can take a little break from being under siege from the forces of darkness which surround you (whatever it is, this month/week/day/hour).  And, if you're unsure of whether you should be outraged by something written here, remember the motto:  No Politics Intended.

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