Monday, May 28, 2018

Metal Gear Solid V - A First Look

With Mass Effect:  Andromeda leaving me heartbroken and claiming to have a headache, I think switching things up a bit is in order.  Okay, I've tried safe, sane science fiction and it's just been a big bag of "Meh".  How's about livening things up with some good old batshit insanity?  How about Metal Gear Solid:  The Phantom Pain?  I've had Ground Zeroes for quite some time and recently acquired The Phantom Pain, both from XBOX Games With Gold.  I never played anything from the Metal Gear series before, so I'm kind of still trying to wrap my head around the more esoteric elements.

Ground Zeroes did sell me on the concept.  I am a long-time fan of the Rainbow Six series and MGSGZ had that same kind of flavor, albeit with a lot more edge.  I like stealth/low profile combat gameplay (I'm always a Rogue or Thief in fantasy genres) and Ground Zeroes had a good feel to it.

But I wasn't expecting what was in store for me with The Phantom Pain.  And, I'm actually kinda sorta on the verge of liking it.  The opening cutscenes and related dithering lived up to the reputation the franchise has acquired.  What hooked me a little about the game was the way it fakes you out about character customization (and I'm not spoiling it) and how a fast one gets pulled on the player.

The fantastical elements threw me a little and kind of spoiled the otherwise sporting attempts at gritty realism the game goes for.  But I'm a Newb to the MGS Universe and I'm willing to give it a chance.  Right now, trying to process how hardened mercenaries are also fans of '70's David Bowie presents a bigger problem.  Maybe Hideo Kojima sees a spiritual twin in Bowie's pointless word salad lyrics?

I'm probably going to be taking some time with this summation.  Stealth and tactics obviously take a large chunk of time to do right

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