Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mass Effect: And Done Am I

I cannot think of a more poorly designed game.  A keyboard designed by a schizophrenic who only knew Scotts Gaelic would be an easier interface to handle.  I am not going any further in this game.  I'm in the beginning stages of the Eos mission.  And It's driving me bonkers. 

If this is the "fixed" version, I can only assume that the unfixed version blew up your console or summoned Cthulu, for all that it fixed.  I don't even have the interest to list all the nits I've picked.  I'll just list it's  Cardinal Sins of Gaming:

1)  Clumsy, unintuitive interface which tries to do too much with too little.  Maybe this isn't a problem with the PC version but with a standard XBONE controller it's like trying to solve a greased up Rubik's cube.

2)  Mandatory Online Features.  'nuff said.

3)  Extremely poor communication of objectives and abilities.  It's like that one High School teacher  who just handed out Xerox sheets at the beginning of class and whined about actually having to do actual teaching during class (What?  You thought yours was the only one?  Ha!).

4)  Arbitrary pathfindng puzzles which serve no point but to drag out runtime. 

Game publishers should be grateful for companies like GameStop which offer trade-ins.  I paid 12 bucks for this piece of crap and had I paid $60 bucks I never would have touched another game again.

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